Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Always have a backup...

So I just learned a very valuable lesson yesterday....always have a backup when working on a novel. I am extremely glad I emailed both my novel and synopsis to a close friend, because my laptop kicked the bed! It is fully charged and won't turn on. I have to try and get my motherboard out of it and hook it up to a USB to get the rest of my files, such as my photos and query letter I worked days on. Right now, I am kicking myself in the ass for not emailing that too. So my word of advice--always...always, have several backups. Email it, save it on a disk, or even save it in your own email. Just make sure you have a backup.

I am grateful I wrote down a couple of the agents I want to query, unfortunately I didn't write down all of them. They are saved in my favorites bar on my laptop, go figure. The hours I spent researching each agent, trying to make sure they represent my kind of novel and would be a good fit with me, blown. But just so you know, this is my kind of luck.

On another note, my friend Steph and I had a little better luck yesterday that our normal days. Every time we go to the store together, something happens. Luckily for us, it wasn't our fault. After we parked we were getting all four kids out of the truck, when an elderly lady pulled in behind us and hit the ass end. There were no marks, but really...was that necessary. The elderly lady got out of her Jeep and walked into the store without saying anything. Steph takes the kids out to the truck as I checkout, when I walk outside--leave it to me--I forgot where we parked. I was walking in the complete, opposite direction, until I noticed Steph practically jumping up and down, waiving her hand in the air. When I finally make it to the truck, I realize Steph had to pull her truck ahead so she could get the tailgate down. Of course the elderly lady would walk out when we're loading up stuff. Steph looks at the elderly lady and said, "Drive carefully." I couldn’t help but laugh. This elderly lady didn't belong on a dementia unit; you could tell she was very aware of what she was doing. She just wanted to get as close as possible to the truck I guess...

Sunday, June 19, 2011


So, I have realized that writing a Synopsis is harder than writing the novel. No matter how much information you research on writing a Synopsis, you will still end up confused and your brain will hurt. I have looked for hours, trying to find the proper format for it, to no prevail.

On the bright side, I believe I finally finished my Synopsis. As hard as it was, I am happy with it. I'm sure I will look at it several more times and edit it, before I decide to send it on to Agents.

I can honestly say I am grateful for the published/soon to be published/aspiring writers who have been helping me along my journey. I couldn't have done it without you. I know that even finishing a full MS is a huge accomplishment and for that I am proud.

On another note, I finished reading PASSION today--the newest book in The Fallen series. I loved it! I am addicted to that series, maybe it's the addiction of a love one waits centuries for. There is something that lures me in with that storyline. Of course, I hope Daniel and Luce end up together--once and for all--in the next book. I loved how the book was both from Daniels and Luce's POV, but I found Luce's much more intriguing. Anyway, that is one series I love to follow and I hate that I must wait until next year for the new book. As much as I understand why I need to wait for it, the wait makes me anxious. I will constantly look online and remind myself of the release date and become frustrated when it's still months away. All-in-all, I recommend that series to anyone who likes YA novels.