Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Who doesn't like to get a free book? I know I'm always excited to get any new book I can get my hands on, and if it's free it's always ten times better! Well, here's your chance to enter for a free copy of my novel Eternal Revelations. Just click below and enter! Enjoy!

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Eternal Revelations by Candis Vargo

Eternal Revelations

by Candis Vargo

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Friday, September 14, 2012


I'm undergoing the long process of looking for people with Blogs to review my books. It's much harder than I ever thought it would be. I guess it should be worth it in the long run but the more I look at the computer the more my head hurts. I know, I know, it might help if I actually wore my glasses.

Other than that it's nice seeing people review my books on Amazon. I enjoy seeing what they have to say and I can't help going in and seeing what other books they've reviewed! So if you're someone who has reviewed my books, thank you!! You rock! If not, what the heck are ya waiting for?! Just kidding...sort of.

My head is actually hurting right now, so this post is going to be short. But maybe when I learn to wear my glasses like I should I'll be able to make a nice post again. Fare the well for now.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Getting back in the groove.

So, I'm finally able to get myself back in the groove of blogging and writing. Do you ever notice how everything seems to go wrong at the same time? Here's how it's been since I've last been on...

My van practically craps the bed. Nothing like stalling while you're going 55 down the road! And the back window in our truck decides to blow out...really? Come on! On top of that, my 3yr old broke our flat screen TV when he decided to try and Swiffer it while I was doing dishes...back to the tube TV we go. So much for the HD. And now Hubby thinks we're not buying another TV until the child I'm pregnant with goes to college (but I'm still working on convincing him otherwise). Oh yeah, and while working on two different birthday cakes for my mom and her boyfriend, who's birthdays are one day after another (and he's a twin, so it had to be a cake for his brother too), some way some how...something manages to fall off of the top of my fridge and smack the glass on my oven. Of course it was shattered. Yes, hubby is saying we're not getting another one of those either.

So...after working on cakes for 3 days, they're finally done the morning of the party. My friend Steph and her two kids, who are the same age as my two, come up and helps me get my house in tact for the guests and as we're doing up dishes (yeah, my dishwasher ALSO decides it doesn't want to clean the dishes? WTH?) All of a sudden we hear, "Mooooooooom! Someone got into the cake!"

Yeah, I guess if I had room in my fridge I could have put it in there, but no. I had to leave it on the dining room table. Yay me. So apparently my youngest decided to take his Chuggington choo choo train through the entire cake! So what started out looking like a truck, looked like a wrecked truck. I gave up. I didn't even care to try and fix it!

So to end this mindless rant, I'm back to working on Eternal Suffering, the third installment in my Eternal series! :)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Books for Troops

So, I have decided to start something new called Books for Troops. It supports our men and women over seas so on.

I was talking with my brother in law the other day, who is currently deployed, and he said he couldn't wait to come home to get my new book and it gave me the great idea of sending him and some of his buddies free copies of my books which I would sign for them. That, in turn, got me thinking some more. If I can order my books for much cheaper than the customers (joys of being the Author) why don't I try to get people to donate and possibly help send as many books over seas to our Troops?

It doesn't have to be a lot. Five dollars is enough. One dollar from several people add up. And it all goes towards books for our men and women fighting for this Country. I will use the money to buy copies of my Novels in the Eternal Series and ship them over seas. If this goes well and continues when my brother in law comes back, they seem to always know someone who is over there, and I will continue to gather addresses and shipping books.

So please, if you would like to be part of this and help give our Troops some more entertainment, please feel free to use the button to the right and donate something...anything, to help me send books to our Soldiers.

I will in turn make sure my brother in law sends me pictures of him and his buddy's holding up the copies of the books!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Eternal Revelations

Since I'm in book mode today, I figured I would post a blurb of my new novel, Eternal Revelations. No, it hasn't been released yet, but I will be sure to post when it does. Here it be:

A Child. The Devil. The Fate of Humanity.

After millions of people vanish and the dead rise to spread plague over the Earth, 23 year-old Evelyn and her brother join with a small group as they fight for survival. As the plague spreads and the number of the Reanimated rise in humans and animals alike, there isn’t anything man made that is strong enough to hold them off.

The Anti-Christ, who unknowingly to humans has inhabited the Earth for years, begins to follow Evelyn and her group after they manage to find one of the only children left on the Earth—who is Autistic—since the remaining children are the only chance the human race has at defying the Devils plans.

Of all the horrors the Earth now holds, none are comparable to how treacherous the living become once their humanity is thrown out the window. Evelyn realizes survival isn’t just fighting for your life but fighting for your humanity in a world of terror.
Join the fight for survival against the undead and beasts released straight from the pits of Hell.

Been a while.

I know it's been some time since I posted. I guess I need to get better at posting when I'm working on a novel. It seems a lot of crazy things have happened in the world since my last post. First, there's the "Bath Salt Zombie" that got hungry on the freeway, but it turned out he wasn't on any bath salts.
And then there's this crazy incident from my home town. A police brutality case that's hitting on several news stations. If you haven't heard about it yet, you will. I came across it because of a fellow Author, Larry Hohol, had posted a video on Youtube. Since then thousands of people joined a page to support the victim of the Police Brutality. That's kind of crazy to think that it happened in the middle of no where, here at home.  Welp, here's the video.

Take from it what you will, each of us have our personal opinions. I try not to put TOO much of mine on here.
Back to the writing.
I've been working my  butt off on writing, and periodical mood swings from being in my first trimester made me wound a few characters. Sorry. But some survive!
I found that reading books and articles on the internet, especially about those that self published and made something of themselves, to be helpful.
Amanda Hocking the most. I mean, she knew she had a damn good story, and stuck to her guns and did it! That's the way to think. Never give up, never stop writing, and don't let anyone tell you that your story is shitty. So I'm thinking like her....
I have a damn good story I'm writing, and it WILL get out there!
Anyhoo, I will leave you with that thought.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Romanticised Creatures and Rules

I've been venting to myself about this for a while and I'm finally going to get it out there. There are certain creatures that should not be romanticised. Other's may think differently, and I'm fine with that. But my opinion is that some creatures should stay as they are and with some there are certain rules that should stick with them too. Here they are:

1. Zombies--there isn't anything that could possibly be sexy about a zombie. They're dead, they don't heal, and they're rotting and I bet their breath is stank ass too. If I saw a zombie I would never press my lips to theirs...instead, I would take a machete and swing it at it's head. Not to mention there is a certain word for people who do the hibbidy dibbidy with the dead, and that is severely frowned upon. Now, here is my one rule about zombies that dries me crazy when it gets changed...Zombies change you. I don't care if it's from a bite, blood, or sleeping with it, either way it changes you. When it comes to animals that get 'infected' from a bite or blood, whatever your thing is (I guess it could be sleeping with them too, I'm sure there's another big word for animals and the dead) the animal should be changed too. Example, let's say Tony the Tiger uses his mad skills on a zombie and gets bitten, please explain to me why Mr. Tony wouldn't get changed? I guess if it's some "human only" virus or chemicals for humans only, okay. But come on! Alright, on to the next.

2. Ghost--How in the heck is a ghost sexy? I don't care if I can see them or touch them and if it's the 'norm' for the world to constantly have contact with them. If a ghost tried to grope me, I would be burning sage and doing an exorcism. (Sorry Hubby, but yes, even if it was you) I find this disturbing in many, many ways. Not to mention, if the ghost has any sort of consciousness, why would they want to try something with someone? Please tell me. "Hey, baby, I know I'm dead and all, but bring your sweet cherry lips over here," I think not. I'd be saying "Bitch, you need to get over me so I can be sitting upstairs sipping some tea in a gold cup."

3. Trolls--Okay, when you say Troll I think of a short, hairy, wart covered, big nosed monster who sits under a bridge saying, "Who is that billy goat crossing my bridge?" Troll=monster. Monster=Troll. See where I'm going with this? I don't care if you make the Troll 6ft tall, it's still a Troll. If it's tall and isn't covered in warts, doesn't live in the rocks or caves or mountains and is cute, then it's not a damn Troll! It's like thinking the goblin's in The Labyrinth are thank you.

To those of you who may be offended, my apologies. This is just one opinion out of millions and dont' take it to heart. Now that I have this off of my chest maybe I can get back to writing my own novel.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Another "Twilight" Book.

There are several people who automatically associate Paranormal Romance novels with the Twilight Saga, which can be a good or a bad thing. I personally like the series, both the books and the movies, and admit to going to at least one midnight showing. But not all Paranormal Romance books are the same. There are several of them I have read that seemed like a Twilight knock off...there are some that all seemed to have the same characters and story lines although they were from different authors. And then there are some that have the 'wow' factor.
I must say it is nice to know that some people think my novel, Forgotten Memories, stands out from the 'Twilight' cliche.
Here is one of the reviews I received:
What a read!, January 28, 2012

This review is from: Forgotten Memories (A Saving Angels Novel) (Kindle Edition)
I'm not much of a reader, so when I read the plot for this book, I felt as if it was going to be all too similar to a certain story including vampires. As I started reading, the book took me to a place as though I were watching the protagonist in person! Such a sweet love story, with the wonderfully awesome addition of adult themes and action scenes. I didn't keep my (figurative) nose out of it until I reached the end. So excited to read more! Keep up the great work! "

Needless to say, that made me feel good. I'm pretty sure that would make any author feel damn good. I guess my point is, don't judge a book from it's cover or it's genre. Judge a book from what's inside. Does it take you into another world? Do you feel like it is happening to you or right in front of you?

On a bright note, the first day my novel was in paperback I sold over 10 copies in only a few hours. Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

Friday, January 27, 2012

YA Novels vs. Adult Novels

I will admit that I am an adult that loves to read YA novels, like many other adults out there. I love the story lines they have and the way they read. I love adult novels because it doesn't make me feel like a pedophile for crushing on the character (which we all love to do)  and they have more realistic reactions, in my opinion anyway. Think about it, if something horrible is happening are you going to say "Oh fudge sickle," or are you going to yell, "Oh Shit." Yup, I said it. I said the word Shit.

Anyway, what I'm trying to get at is I want more adult novels that feel like I'm reading a Young Adult novel. I want those amazing feelings when someone first falls for another character (lets face it, the majority of women love the feelings we get when we're first with someone) and the more entertaining stories. There are a few Adult Authors that I can think of that have novels that read like that but I want to find more.

This is something I aim to do with my novels.

Monday, January 23, 2012

So many ideas...but not enough time.

Just like most novelists, I have about a dozen ideas running through my head on Novels I could write and I will never have enough time in my life to make every idea I have (or will have) come to life in a book. Some things that make it a little crazier is when people start pitching ideas at you to write about. It always happens. The conversations go something like this:
"Oh, so you write books?"
"Yeah, I have a couple I'm working on."
"You should write about (insert word/s here). I have an awesome idea for it..(insert their idea here)"

Now, I'm not saying that I despise it when that happens but trust me when I say we, as Authors, have several different ideas in our head already. We would love to be able to turn them all into Novels but it most likely wont' happen. While the idea that gets pitched to you may seem interesting, sometimes it just may not be 'your thing'.

I'm working on one Novel in particular right now, although I started two more. Sometimes I feel like I need my husband or my friend, Steph, standing behind me saying, "Get writing. Get off the Internet."
Anyway, my point is...we all have several ideas we'd like to write down and will get several more as the days pass by but there will never be enough time in our lives to write every single one of them.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Crazy Days

The days have been crazy these past few months. Even more so, this past month. I'm hoping 2012 will be 'the year' for myself and my family.
My friend Stephanie convinced me to send out my short story to several publishers who were accepting submissions for Anthologies, I'm glad she did. I had a story accepted and it will be published in 2012. That is amazing news for me.
Now for my family...
My brother Jake is getting a once in a lifetime opportunity in 2012 as well. His band will be preforming at the House of Blues for some major record labels. In light of this news, I told him I want a new house.
So, it seems as though 2012 is going to be a good year. I'm hoping my Husband gets some good news this year as well. Another promotion couldn't hurt.
The cold weather has finally hit and I have been bundled up in front of my (fake) fireplace where I've been busy writing more novels. I'll admit that I have been reading a lot more too. My dear Husband bought me a kindle for Christmas and I have put it to good use. Which is kind of ironic, I went from refusing to buy one because I prefer a real book to loving my kindle. You can't blame a girl who lives an hour away from the closest Book Store and can't manage to find time to get out of the house without one of her children. I like to spend hours looking at books in there, not chasing my kids.
All in all this is bound to be a great year and I will post updates about my short story being published the closer it gets and I suppose I could mention if my brother's band gets a record deal.