Monday, September 10, 2012

Getting back in the groove.

So, I'm finally able to get myself back in the groove of blogging and writing. Do you ever notice how everything seems to go wrong at the same time? Here's how it's been since I've last been on...

My van practically craps the bed. Nothing like stalling while you're going 55 down the road! And the back window in our truck decides to blow out...really? Come on! On top of that, my 3yr old broke our flat screen TV when he decided to try and Swiffer it while I was doing dishes...back to the tube TV we go. So much for the HD. And now Hubby thinks we're not buying another TV until the child I'm pregnant with goes to college (but I'm still working on convincing him otherwise). Oh yeah, and while working on two different birthday cakes for my mom and her boyfriend, who's birthdays are one day after another (and he's a twin, so it had to be a cake for his brother too), some way some how...something manages to fall off of the top of my fridge and smack the glass on my oven. Of course it was shattered. Yes, hubby is saying we're not getting another one of those either.

So...after working on cakes for 3 days, they're finally done the morning of the party. My friend Steph and her two kids, who are the same age as my two, come up and helps me get my house in tact for the guests and as we're doing up dishes (yeah, my dishwasher ALSO decides it doesn't want to clean the dishes? WTH?) All of a sudden we hear, "Mooooooooom! Someone got into the cake!"

Yeah, I guess if I had room in my fridge I could have put it in there, but no. I had to leave it on the dining room table. Yay me. So apparently my youngest decided to take his Chuggington choo choo train through the entire cake! So what started out looking like a truck, looked like a wrecked truck. I gave up. I didn't even care to try and fix it!

So to end this mindless rant, I'm back to working on Eternal Suffering, the third installment in my Eternal series! :)

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