Monday, January 23, 2012

So many ideas...but not enough time.

Just like most novelists, I have about a dozen ideas running through my head on Novels I could write and I will never have enough time in my life to make every idea I have (or will have) come to life in a book. Some things that make it a little crazier is when people start pitching ideas at you to write about. It always happens. The conversations go something like this:
"Oh, so you write books?"
"Yeah, I have a couple I'm working on."
"You should write about (insert word/s here). I have an awesome idea for it..(insert their idea here)"

Now, I'm not saying that I despise it when that happens but trust me when I say we, as Authors, have several different ideas in our head already. We would love to be able to turn them all into Novels but it most likely wont' happen. While the idea that gets pitched to you may seem interesting, sometimes it just may not be 'your thing'.

I'm working on one Novel in particular right now, although I started two more. Sometimes I feel like I need my husband or my friend, Steph, standing behind me saying, "Get writing. Get off the Internet."
Anyway, my point is...we all have several ideas we'd like to write down and will get several more as the days pass by but there will never be enough time in our lives to write every single one of them.

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