Sunday, June 19, 2011


So, I have realized that writing a Synopsis is harder than writing the novel. No matter how much information you research on writing a Synopsis, you will still end up confused and your brain will hurt. I have looked for hours, trying to find the proper format for it, to no prevail.

On the bright side, I believe I finally finished my Synopsis. As hard as it was, I am happy with it. I'm sure I will look at it several more times and edit it, before I decide to send it on to Agents.

I can honestly say I am grateful for the published/soon to be published/aspiring writers who have been helping me along my journey. I couldn't have done it without you. I know that even finishing a full MS is a huge accomplishment and for that I am proud.

On another note, I finished reading PASSION today--the newest book in The Fallen series. I loved it! I am addicted to that series, maybe it's the addiction of a love one waits centuries for. There is something that lures me in with that storyline. Of course, I hope Daniel and Luce end up together--once and for all--in the next book. I loved how the book was both from Daniels and Luce's POV, but I found Luce's much more intriguing. Anyway, that is one series I love to follow and I hate that I must wait until next year for the new book. As much as I understand why I need to wait for it, the wait makes me anxious. I will constantly look online and remind myself of the release date and become frustrated when it's still months away. All-in-all, I recommend that series to anyone who likes YA novels.


  1. Good luck honey wish you the best, give it your best shot and i am sure you will do fine

  2. You have a amazing novel and I know that it will be a success!!

  3. Writing a synopsis is harder than writing a novel? Really? I'm doomed.

    1. For me, and a lot of authors, it is. It's basically taking your 300+ pages and putting them on 2-5 pages. It is one of the main things I dread, along with the query. Just keep writing and re-writing until you're happy with it. You're not doomed unless you give u. :)