Saturday, October 15, 2011

I was just thinking...

So, I'm currently reading "Seriously...I'm Kidding by Ellen DeGeneres. I must say I love the book. She is such an amazing person. She is seriously my idol. With amazing insight and determination, she has become the woman she is today. Who better to idol? She never changed who she was so she could easily gain success. She always stayed true to herself and who she is, and I love that. I love how someone doesn't change themselves and is proud of who they are, and still manages to become an icon for so many people.
Not to mention, I think her and I would get along great. I'm pretty sure with one day of shopping with my friend Steph and I, Ellen would probably laugh harder than I've seen her laugh on her show. And our shopping trips come with valuable lessons, like--when 10 costumes you try on look kind of plain on you, it's probably because you've been trying them on backwards. No, not just shopping trips go like this. We can't go to a drive up ATM at our local bank without some random lady getting out of her vehicle and trying to climb on ours. She just wanted to know where the after hours deposit box was (yes, this was at night). It was right beside her head, as she was on the hood of the car. Anyway, my point is, I think it would be a great time!
Now, as far as my writing goes, everyone has a dream agent. For some people it's a certain agent, and for others (myself included) their dream literary agent has certain characteristics. My dream agent would be as outgoing and fun to talk to as Ellen. As well as hard working. Lets face it, she runs a talk show, wrote three books, and at one point in time she did Idol at the same time. She's a true superhero. And she's mine. Maybe I should just write Ellen and ask her to be my literary agent. That'd probably make me look like a total psycho, but it could be worth a shot. After all, all of her books sold really well and she has her name out in the publishing world. Not to mention she's a kick ass person.
Ah, one can dream. Anyhoo--Since I currently have two novels going through my head, I shall continue to write them as well as look at possible agents for the one I have already finished and feel is publish-worthy.

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